Middle Way Society retreats at Tirylan House all combine a mixture of interdependent practices to help you relax, focus, reflect and develop along the path of the Middle Way. These typically include meditation, the arts, critical thinking, and discussion. Discussion is concerned with the intersection between practical life, philosophy and psychology.

The Middle Way, as understood in Robert’s work and in the Middle Way Society, is a universal and provisional path of judgement constantly informed by experience, avoiding both positive and negative dogmas. Middle Way Society retreats are open to people working in any tradition or none (for instance Buddhism, Christianity, any science or academic discipline), to help them make helpful judgements that cultivate inspiration but avoid dogma in that tradition. There are no gurus or appeals to tradition as an unexamined source of authority, but we also seek to engage positively with the resources offered by various traditions.

In 2024 we are shifting from predominantly weekend Middle Way Society retreats to fewer but week-long retreats. We hope you will find it worthwhile to travel a greater distance to reach these, and get a deeper and richer experience from staying for a longer period.

Here is our upcoming programme of retreats, linked to further details:

Permaculture, Forest Gardening and the Middle Way (with Chris Day): 22nd-29th April 2024

Walking and the Middle Way (with Barry Daniel): 12th-19th August 2024

Getting out of the Loops: Middle Way Practice and Obsessive States: 14th-21st October 2024

To book on any of these retreats, please read ‘Being on Retreat at Tirylan House’, then go to ‘Costs and Booking’.