By car

The postcode to enter into a satnav is SA19 6RH: this will normally give you a choice between Tirylan House and Tirylan Barns: we are Tirylan House, not Tirylan Barns, but Tirylan Barns is next door, so will take you most of the way.

Whether you are approaching from north or south, the route should take you to the junction between the A483 and the A476 in Ffairfach. This is a crossroads, and the road opposite the end of the A476 is a minor road (Bethlehem Road) that you need to take. Follow this for approximately 1 mile, and then take the right turn signposted ‘Gwynfe’ (Gwynfe Road). Follow this lane for approximately 1 more mile, until you get to a steep hill with a yellow grit container. Shortly after this you will pass the entrance to Brynteg on the right, then take the following right turn which is signposted ‘Tirylan 1/4’. Follow the track (a bit bumpy but OK for most vehicles) for about 500 metres, then when the track divides turn right, again for Tirylan. You will then see two entrances in front of you – take the right hand one for Tirylan House, over the cattle grid (not the left which is Tirylan Barns).

By train

Tirylan House is not far from the Heart of Wales line, which runs between Swansea and Shrewsbury, although there are only about 4 trains a day in each direction. The nearest stations on the Heart of Wales line are Ffairfach (closer for picking up by car) or Llandeilo (closer on foot). Please use this line if you can, but otherwise you may be obliged to go to the nearest station on the main line, which is at Carmarthen. We can pick you up from Ffairfach (3 miles), or if necessary from Carmarthen (17 miles).

The walk from Llandeilo Station is approximately 2 miles: take the path directly off the end of the platform on the opposite side of the tracks from the car park. You will then cross a footbridge over the River Towy. Keep going straight ahead on a concrete path across a field, followed by a fenced-in track. On reaching a lane, turn left, then right up Gwynfe Road (signposted ‘Gwynfe’). After this, see ‘by car’ section above.

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