Here are some comments from retreatants on various different past retreats at Tirylan House. They appear with their permission.

Great hillside location with views that immediately opens up a feeling of expansiveness. Quiet, peaceful and surrounded by natural habitats. Perfect for a more intimate group experience. Real soul food – thank you!


The open setting and the open generosity of the house was the perfect setting for the close and intimate sharing with a small group and the expansion of the topics.


I appreciated the opportunity to go on retreat following Covid restrictions, and the space to meditate (not always easy to find at home). There was stimulating, insightful and inspiring material via talks, discussion and library. A beautiful house in beautiful surroundings.


The companionship and warmth along with the input and discussion created a space to feel more open and curious. I feel refreshed.


A welcoming, kind, generous, fun, inspiring and stimulating environment. The programme was challenging in a good way and not too rigid. Every meal was delicious and the views from the house and garden were endlessly captivating. I found it a peaceful place to meditate, and the surrounding countryside, with its woods, streams and wildlife, was a joy to explore.


When you first turn onto the track leading to Tirylan House you can begin to feel you are stepping into another possible  way of being in the world. The beauty and peace of the location with long views across the lush open valley help reconnect you to wider more generous perspectives and complement the shared ideas and practices you explore in a supportive environment created by Robert and Viryanaya’s tolerance, wide learning and care in communication.
Having the freedom to spend time in the garden and the wider countryside, either actively or at leisure with a book from the extensive library or your own thoughts during the afternoon’s free time created a refreshing balance to the more structured sessions and lent an easy rhythm to the day.
 Sharing tasty vegan fare at mealtimes peppered with lively conversation and long views had the effect of making me feel part a of a new family of friends.
And the evening spent sharing poetry and chat round the open fire will long remains a fond memory.
I would recommend taking this road less travelled, to see where it may lead you.


Great mix of teaching and spaciousness. I appreciated the opportunity to connect more with sangha in a gently held setting

Annie Ferris

Friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Enough formality in the programme without it being too formal.


Peace! The chance/ invitation to stop and breathe. Very welcoming atmosphere. Gorgeous setting. The fire!

Easy to reach, beautiful setting, simple and comfortable, hot water bottles, free access to snacks and coffee, delicious food.

Sara Childs

The format is good: meditate, talk, contemplation, and discussion. Timings allowed for parts of the day work well. I appreciated delivery of the content and explanation from Robert. The welcome, the food, the company, the atmosphere – all fantastic.

Robin Ashman

I appreciated spending time outdoors, anchors of calm and reflection (yoga/ meditation/ time for thinking/ journalling), being off my phone, being a part of planting a wood.

A very mindful retreat with lots of fresh air and lively chats. I would definitely come back to see the forest we planted and to enjoy Middle Way Wisdom straight from experts.
I love Tirylan House. It’s the best. I can see how much Viryanaya and Robert care about us. the little things made it feel homely and I always felt cared for. Couldn’t have asked for more caring hosts. Always felt my needs were respected and met. I had a transformative stay.


The balance between structured activities and space to talk and explore ideas with other new and interesting people was just right. Tirylan House is a wonderful and successful blend of homely environment and community life.


I appreciated so much! Really enjoyed your company Robert and Viryanaya. Beautiful green and lush location. Lovely to plant trees. Enjoyed meditation and enjoyed the guidance, the ‘light touch’ suggestions of meditation.

I enjoyed the awesome space in the location with huge views, and also the ease of being free to make myself at home, to read books, grab food etc. The environment seemed very open.

Retreatants from March 2022 ‘Archetypes as Inspiration’ Retreat