We’re open to proposals for Triratna Buddhist retreats for small groups at Tirylan House (up to 13 in winter, possibly more in summer with camping). If you’re involved in Triratna, please contact Viryanaya to discuss any ideas you have. Many of the Triratna retreats we arrange are by invitation only (however, you still need to book your place on them on this website).

Upcoming Triratna Retreats:

3rd-5th March 2023: Worcester Sangha Retreat – by invitation only

19th-25th April 2023 Buddhafield Retreat 1 (Aniruddhas) – by invitation only

5th-12th May 2023 Buddhism and Animism – open for general booking

9th-11th June 2023 Aberystwyth Group Retreat – by invitation only

30th June-2nd July 2023 Warwick Sangha Retreat – by invitation only

22nd-27th July 2023 Buddhafield Retreat 2 (Aniruddhas) – by invitation only

3rd-5th November 2023 West Wales Sangha Retreat – by invitation only

To book for a retreat please go to the costs and booking page.