Costs and booking

To make retreats of all kinds simple and affordable, stays at Tirylan House are charged at a fixed basic rate per night in advance, plus an optional donation at the end of the retreat.

Our basic rate is £35 per person per night, including accommodation and food. We also have a reduced rate of £25 per night for either self-catering (accommodation without food) or camping (food and participation in retreats, but without sleeping accommodation). This basic rate must be paid in advance at the time of booking, and is non-refundable from 28 days before the retreat begins. The basic rate is paid to Tirylan House Retreat Centre, a non-profit company that we have set up to process retreat payments. This company is intended to pay the cost of retreat food and a proportion (we’re aiming initially at 49%) of the ongoing costs of running the house such as utilities, council tax, and maintenance. It is not profit-making, and any excess earnings will go back into reducing the cost of retreats. It does not own the house, pay for improvements, or (currently) pay us anything.

At the end of your retreat we will also invite donations, which will go towards our personal maintenance and the long-term development of the retreat centre. These donations are thus paid to us personally, rather than the retreat centre company. It is entirely up to you whether you make a donation, and if so how much you give.

If you have not been to Tirylan House before, please read ‘Being on Retreat at Tirylan House’ before booking, to make sure you are clear about what being on retreat involves. Please note that Tirylan House is not holiday accommodation or a B&B.

Please also note that we do not let out the annexe as a whole building. Instead, we make arrangements with groups so that their members can book individually for the time they want to use it. Charges are the same per person per night whether you stay in the annexe or in the main house, and whether your retreat is self-organized or run by us. The facilities of both buildings are shared to maximise the flexibility with which both are used.

If you want to organize an independent retreat for a group, we recommend that you contact us first informally to agree dates and answer any questions you have. Once this is agreed, each group participant will need to book and pay independently on this page.

To book a retreat, please do the following:

  1. Fill in and submit the retreat booking form below. Data entered into this form will be used in accordance with our privacy policy.
  2. Pay the basic charge (deposit) for your retreat. To do this using a debit or credit card, please follow the further instructions below the retreat booking form. Alternatively, you can pay by bank transfer: account name ‘Tirylan House Retreat Centre’, Co-operative Bank, sort code 089299, account no. 63083022. Please include your name in the reference.

Retreat booking form

Paying for your retreat by debit or credit card
Once you have submitted the retreat booking form, please pay your basic retreat charge (deposit). To pay by debit/credit card, please click the heading for the nightly rate you will be paying at (e.g. “retreat basic rate”), immediately under the pictures below. On the next page that comes up, enter the number of nights you are booking for in the box, then click ‘add to basket’ and ‘view basket’. On the basket page, check the total cost and then click ‘proceed to checkout’. On the checkout page, please enter your card details and click ‘place order’.

You should hear back from us within 7 days to acknowledge your booking. If you don’t hear back, please get in touch.

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