Costs and booking

We intend to offer retreats at Tirylan House on the basis of a basic charge per day, paid when booking, followed by an opportunity for donations at the end of the retreat. The basic charge will only be sufficient to cover our basic costs such as food and utility bills, and donations will also be needed to help us develop the centre, and to contribute to our personal support in the longer term. To begin with, this basic charge will be set at £35 per day, regardless of the type of retreat you are participating in (apart from solitary retreat camping, which will be free except for an opportunity to donate).

However, we have been waiting for planning permission as a retreat centre, which we have only just received in April 2022. We now need a few months to set Tirylan House up as a non-profit business and fulfil all the legal requirements of offering accommodation. Until we have completed this process, we will be holding retreats only informally, and Tirylan House will remain legally only a private residence. Until this point, all our retreats will be on the basis of donation only, and you will be staying simply as our guests. We recommend that this donation should include at least the basic charge per day, but this will be entirely up to you.

Until we start to operate legally as a retreat centre, the booking procedure will remain informal. If you would like to book on any of our retreats, please do the following:

First, read the page ‘Being on Retreat at Tirylan House’ to make sure you are clear about what being on retreat involves. Please note that Tirylan House is not holiday accommodation or a B&B.

Next, email one of us to arrange your place on retreat, giving some brief details about your previous experience of retreats and/or practice (if we don’t know you already). If we don’t already know you, please also provide a phone number and suggestions for good times to phone you, so that we can call you to discuss things further.

For Middle Way Society retreats, please email robert (at) (substitute @ for (at)).

For Triratna retreats, please email viryanaya (at) (substitute @ for (at)).

For independent retreats, group or individual, and solitary camping, you can contact either of us at your option.