Tirylan House, 20th-25th Oct 2022. Led by Robert M. Ellis

One of the founding ideas of Tirylan House (in both its Buddhist and Middle Way aspects) is that of interdependent and mutually supportive practices working simultaneously at different levels. In Buddhist tradition this takes the form of the Noble Eightfold Path, integrating morality meditation and wisdom in one path. Robert’s analysis of this is that of the Threefold Practice, which includes both individual and socio-political levels of practice at three different levels: desire, meaning and belief. On this retreat we will particularly focus on practising meditation, the arts and critical thinking, whilst also discussing the wider question of which practices are helpful and why they are helpful in the context of a whole path. There will be the opportunity to share your own expertise and enthusiasm about whatever practices you favour.

This retreat is scheduled over a long weekend (Thu to Tue), but with the central events taking place at the weekend. Everyone is asked to be present from Fri to Sun for the core of the retreat, but people are free to come earlier and leave later than this according to their availability. To come for longer will allow a more grounded and fully digested experience.

To book on this or any other retreat, please read ‘Being on Retreat at Tirylan House’, then go to ‘Costs and Booking’.