Tirylan House, 22nd-27th Sept 2022. Led by Robert M. Ellis.

Absolutization is the tendency to assume that we have the whole story. It is the term used by Robert M. Ellis in his new book of that name (‘Absolutization‘), due out around the time of this retreat, for the source of dogma, repression and conflict. It can be understood from different disciplinary perspectives as left-hemisphere over-dominance, bias, power or metaphysics.

This retreat will provide the opportunity to try to develop a clearer perspective on what our basic problem is (what Buddhists might think of as the area of the first and second noble truths). Why do we keep sabotaging ourselves and messing things up? Why do we keep assuming that we have the whole story, and forgetting the uncertainty that we are subject to? Robert will present some of his ideas, but you will also get chance to reflect on and discuss your own perspective in a context of practices that can help us avoid absolutization: particularly mindfulness, the arts, and critical thinking. The larger purpose of discussing absolutization is to develop a clear perspective on our starting point when we address our own tendency towards it in positive practice and try to reduce it.

This retreat is scheduled over a long weekend (Thu to Tue), but with the central events taking place at the weekend. Everyone is asked to be present from Fri to Sun for the core of the retreat, but people are free to come earlier and leave later than this according to their availability. To come for longer will allow a more grounded and fully digested experience.

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