Tirylan House, 16th-23rd Nov 2022. Led by Robert M. Ellis.

Carl Jung’s Red Book is an extraordinary record of Jung’s visionary experiences and reflections on them, accompanied by stunning artwork, and dating back to the period of the First World War and after. However, it was not published until 2009. The Red Book is extraordinarily rich as a source of inspiration about archetypal symbols and how to work with them and respond to them, but newcomers often find it difficult to read and interpret. A major activity on this retreat will be shared readings of key passages from the Red Book, after which we will also discuss whatever these passages inspire for us. The inspiration is likely to include, but is not limited to, connections with the Middle Way, which is a concept explicitly used by Jung in the text (Robert’s book ‘Red Book, Middle Way‘ published in 2020, explores this). There will also be meditation, active imagination activities of the kind used by Jung, exploration of artistic responses and discussion of issues of interpretation.

This is a whole week retreat running from Wed to Wed, and you will need to stay for the whole of this period if you join the retreat.

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