Tirylan House, 10th-12th Feb 2023. Led by Robert M. Ellis

Whatever practices we focus on, and whatever traditions we work with, we all need access to inspiration. Robert has been developing a new account of how the archetypes first discussed by Carl Jung can be understood as sources of practical inspiration across traditions, recently published in his book Archetypes in Religion and Beyond. This approach, integrated with Middle Way practice, has also been the theme of a recent series of Zoom meetings on the Middle Way Network (the talks and Q&A from this can be viewed on the Middle Way Society Youtube Channel). This retreat provides an opportunity for members of the Network, and other interested people, to gather face-to-face and share practice and discussion about archetypes and the Middle Way. Like most Middle Way Society Retreats, it will include meditation, arts activity, talks and discussions. The meditation will also include active imagination practice to help stimulate our inner experience of inspiration.

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