Come for days of your choice between 19th and 24th Jan 2023

On 18th Jan 2023 we’re due to have 900 trees delivered, which we’ll be planting on the land at Tirylan House. We need some help with this! So here’s your chance to come and have a free retreat at Tirylan House, get plenty of fresh air and exercise, make friends, and contribute to reforestation! We will not be charging for this retreat, but providing food and accommodation in return for tree-planting work each day (approximately 5 hours, but with some flexibility). We will accept donations when you leave if you wish to contribute financially. There will also be a basic retreat structure, with shared meditation in the mornings and optional discussion or arts activities in the evenings.

To join this retreat you will need to be in sufficiently good health to do sustained physical work. It is suitable for both Buddhists and non-Buddhists, and will also suit anyone who would like to contribute to reforestation but only to sample a retreat setting in a relatively light introductory way. We will provide some basic support with meditation if needed. Please contact us to discuss your needs if you’re not quite sure either about the work or the retreat aspects.

Local People: We welcome anyone locally who would like to come in and join us in the tree planting for any of the full days of the retreat (20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd). We suggest that you come for the period from 9.30am to 4.30am. We can offer you a free lunch, and you’ll be able to meet and chat to people on the retreat. Please just email Robert ( to let us know which day or days you’re coming, and bring a spade!

To book on this retreat, please read being on retreat at Tirylan House, and then fill in the form on the costs and booking page. However, in this case you will not need to then pay a deposit. Please state on the booking form which days you wish to join the retreat from 19th-24th. The days you come for are flexible, but please check that you can commit yourself to these days before submitting the form. We will be back in touch to confirm your booking.